Classroom Resources

Pre-visit PowerPoints

Use these PowerPoint presentations in your classroom to prepare students for their museum visit. Download the presentation that relates to the tour program you’ve scheduled, and find pre- and post-visit tips, sample artworks to share with students, and guiding questions that your docents will reinforce during the tour. School groups unable to visit the Museum in person may also find the PowerPoints to be a worthwhile “virtual” field trip experience.

Download the powerPoints:
SEE Like an Artist
THINK Like an Artist
IMAGINE Like an Artist
INTERPRET Like an Artist

“Art Speaks” Worksheet
If your students participated in a studio workshop during their museum visit, use our “Art Speaks” Worksheet to help them reflect on their personal creative process by planning and writing a mock museum exhibition label to accompany their artwork.

Visit our eMuseum site to preview the Museum’s collection before your visit, or learn more about selected artists and artworks that students may encounter on their tour.