Holiday Celebration & Maker's Market

Photo courtesy of Jo Lynn Alcorn Paperart
Photo courtesy of Jo Lynn Alcorn Paperart


Holiday Celebration & Maker's Market

Greet the winter holidays at the Museum! On this festive day, visitors can shop craftworks and goods from local sellers and marvel at the one-of-a kind wreaths and inclusive holiday displays.

FREE admission!

Local artisans will include:

Khonda African Arts LLC

By Edith Mwenelupembe

Handmade art, jewelry, bags, accessories, knits and crochets, and paintings.

Laurie Lynn’s Jewelry

By Laurie Lynn Zlotowski

I love working with clays and collecting vintage beads as well. My designs are fancy to funky, but most of all uniquely eye catching. After my clays are fired or cured they are water proof which makes my handmade jewelry & hair accessory line durable for the everyday and for those special moments in your life. Due to this durability, I have expanded to create non-wearable items to my collections such as wine stoppers and bottle openers which are decorated with my handmade beads. These clay bead wine stoppers can also decorate olive oil bottles instead of screw tops!

My inspirations come from modern everyday fashion, flea market finds, nature’s colors and seasons as well as challenging art palettes of other artisans and chefs.

Jodi Cup of Health

Jodi Cup of Health beauty line manifested from the sheer desire to relieve my niece, Daisy Lee skin irritation caused by eczema.

As a Jamaican born child I witnessed my grandparents and great grandparents heal their ailments with natural remedies from the land they farmed. Having this knowledge in me, I started to formulate mixtures for Daisy that ultimately was shared with family and friends. Soon after orders from strangers followed and before I knew it, I was in my kitchen crafting mixtures of various scents and textures.

Mariah Cubano

Mariah is author of “I’ve Been Told” and “Beauty Begins in Me,” activist and change maker in school Libraries, and founder of Black characters.

High Ridge Pottery

By Steven Bernard

My pottery reflects the curves of Art Nouveau, and is inspired by natural shapes such as a clam shell or the delicate veins of a leaf. The elegance of my vase forms is further enhanced by crystalline glazes which resemble flowers blooming over each vessel.

Originals by Cyn

By Cindy Koniushesky

My educational background is in Business and Art Education. I taught in the Berlin, CT school system for over 30 years. I work in clay, metal and soft goods. Being a member of Wesleyan Potters, a nonprofit art school in Middletown, CT, has opened up many opportunities to work in various mediums with many different artists. As a young child, my mother gave me the gift of finding beauty in what surrounds me in nature. A brilliant and giving mother of five children, she always had time to teach us to appreciate the elements of form, color, texture, and value. Whether I am working with fiber, metal, clay, music or cuisine, I combine these elements, tap into my soul and create. It is a mystery how and when it all happens, but the magic begins with my mind, heart and hands.

Sassy Black Yarns

By Lakisher Hurst

My name is Lakisher Hurst, owner of Sassy Black Yarns. As an avid crocheter, I see the world through yarn-tinted spectacles. I started Sassy Black Yarns in my kitchen with a simple desire to create a small selection of hand-dyed yarns, that would offer people beautiful color alternatives with sassy names and colors. The definition of sassy is someone or something that is lively, bold, and a little feisty. Sassy Black Yarns specializes in bold, fresh colors of hand dyed yarns for knitters and crocheters alike. Through my yarns I aim to give other makers more colorway and base options for them to bring their next project to life.

With Heart By Hand

By Jean Rill-Alberto

I work with color, balance, and composition. I love fitting pieces of color and design together in a harmonious way, I find it to be a wonderfully creative source of energy for me. I am inspired by nature, modern design, and the Japanese sense of simplicity which is reflected in my work. I look around me every day and see art everywhere, in everything, and I realize the possibilities are endless. I find that so exciting.

Life 1122 LLC

By James Belin Jr.

I began my business in 2017 to give the community of Connecticut inner cities access to beautiful, handmade items. What began as building something out of necessity, grew into a full-time company specializing in custom handcrafted goods. Artistry isn’t just the execution and production of new Life 1122 pieces, it’s also making sure each piece will look beautiful wherever it’ll be displayed. Contact me to learn more about how I can work with you.

Sue Melz Art

Susan Melzmuf

I found my creative love in oil paints when I studied with the late Terry Oakes Bourret, my amazing teacher for many years. Terry encouraged me in every way to show my work and continue to paint and draw.. Although she taught me to paint outdoors, en Plein Air, I still prefer a nice photo or three, a well lit studio, brand new paints and a good medium mix for my oils.

I mostly love to paint sea and beach scenes that evoke memories of fun and family. Since I mainly paint from photographs, and enjoy painting scenes I find particularly beautiful, I am able to recreate a special memory for you and your family. It will be fun, colorful and a lifetime memory, hand-painted by a passionate local artist.

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