Adrian Elliott
 Adrian Elliott,

Adrian Elliott Bio

Adrian Elliott is our emcee for the Juneteenth Celebration and is one of the primary organizers of the event. She has spent well over the last decade passionately working to change and uplift the community around her through her tireless work in the arts, education, and entertainment. Through her work with Gallery 66 and the City of New Britain, Adrian has cultivated programs and organized countless events that not only benefited local artists, but the community at large. She has pushed the boundaries of where the local Arts Commission focused their efforts to add musical performances and poetry to many local events, including the establishment of a monthly open mic event at Gallery 66 and the inclusivity of exhibiting artists at the gallery. Adrian brings New Britain’s commitment to the arts to a whole new level through her involvement and connections to the community. While focused on the arts, Adrian also grew more interested in youth and legacy. She has devoted 15 years of service working with non-profits, Queen Anne Nzinga Center, OIC and The Friendship Center of New Britain.