In Thread and On Paper: Anni Albers in Connecticut

Known for her pioneering graphic wall hangings, weavings, and designs, Anni Albers (1899-1994) is considered the most important textile artist of the 20th century, as well as an influential designer, printmaker, and educator. Organized by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, In Thread and On Paper: Anni Albers in Connecticut will explore the groundbreaking work and writing she produced in Connecticut from the 1950s through the end of her life, and will include an extensive body of textiles, wall hangings, commercial collaborations, and works on paper. A landmark presentation, this will be the first museum exhibition dedicated exclusively to the artist’s incredible output in the years she lived in the Northeast, and the first major museum exhibition in New England in over 60 years.

This exhibition brings to life Albers’s remarkable practice in many ways. A loom used by Albers installed in the gallery and, periodically throughout the show, will be activated by a weaver who will reproduce samples of Albers’s textiles for visitors to see and touch. The exhibition also features an interactive table displaying geometric tiles that visitors can manipulate to recreate Albers’s patterns, or invent their own. Finally, don’t miss an opportunity to collaborate on the creation of a large-scale “Weaving Wall,” an interactive, community-based installation that will allow visitors to produce a monumental weaving inspired by Albers’s colors, materials, and designs. Come see, learn, experience, and create as part of this extraordinary tribute to Anni Albers’s legacy.