All Time Favorites of the Low Illustration Collection

The Friends
Max Ginsburg, The Friends, 1981, for the cover of Rosa Guy’s The Friends, Bantam Books,1983, Oil on canvas


All Time Favorites of the Low Illustration Collection

Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation Gallery

A preview to the summer 2016 exhibition, Masterpieces of the Low Collection of American Illustration, All Time Favorites of the Low Illustration Collection will run through Feb. 21, 2016.

Illustrations in the sampling range from N.C. Wyeth’s “One more step, Mr. Hands…” created for Robert Lewis Stevenson’s 1911 novel Treasure Island to Rowena Morrill’s popular Twilight Terrors published in National Lampoon Magazine, 1979. Action and adventure, love and romance, humor and cartoons, all will be found in this exhibition of the “best of the best” illustration art. Works by the leading 19th and 20th century illustrators the likes of Stevan Dohanos, James Montgomery Flagg, J.C. Leyendecker, Howard Pyle, and Norman Rockwell, will set the stage for the Museum’s large-scale illustration exhibition of approximately 150 works slated for summer 2016.

The Museum’s Low Illustration Collection consists of over 2,000 illustrations, many published in noted magazines ranging from Colliers and Cosmopolitan to Saturday Evening Post and Ladies Home Journal. Using media that ranged from ink, pencil and charcoal to watercolor, tempera and oil, each artist created an image designed to heighten and support the story being illustrated.