Nor'Easter: The 53rd Annual Juried Members Exhibition

Stephanie Lanter, "Invocation"
 Stephanie Lanter, "Invocation",


Nor'Easter: The 53rd Annual Juried Members Exhibition

This is the NBMAA’s opportunity to showcase contemporary visual arts from the region. This prominent show highlights the exceptional work of emerging artists in all media. This year’s juror is Fritz Horstman; Fritz is a curator, educator, and artist based on Bethany, CT, where he is also Education Director at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

Opening Reception and Awards: Saturday, September 23, 12-1:30 p.m.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! 

FIRST PRIZE: Stephanie Lanter, Invocation

SECOND PRIZE: Will Holub, Archipelago

THIRD PRIZE: Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Lobby Disturbance

JUROR’S CHOICE: Donald Bracken, New Dawn Vi

VISITOR'S CHOICE: Linda Post, Dance of the Pelicans

This Year's Selected Works:

  • Lynne Arovas, Work Space
  • Colleen Bang, The Owl Shop
  • Paul Berger, Riding in Comfort on Rt. 66
  • Kraig Binkowski, Early morning walk in the snow
  • Ola Bossio, Country Field
  • Donald Bracken, New Dawn Vi
  • Michael Brennecke, Alpine
  • Scott Bricher, Interface 1
  • Wendy Brusick, Off Course
  • Jill Butcher, Meditations
  • Jennifer Cadoff, Proliferation
  • Kim Carlino, Pixelated Rainbow Dreams
  • Susan Chamberland, Static
  • Lucy Childs, Tempest
  • Catherine Christiano, Poison Ivy, Chrysanthemums, and Bittersweet | November 2016
  • Tamhja Coe, Beginning of Medusa's Reign
  • Cynthia Cooper, untitled prime (problem and solution) lime green and black
  • James Cordes, The Visitation
  • Joan Cox, Night Hunger
  • Susan Dane, fool's errand
  • Drew Darley, Blue Crystalline Bottle
  • Violet Davenport, Under the Sea Garden
  • Daniel Delaney, Twin Rudders No.2, Roxbury, Connecticut, 2022
  • Rachael Delaney, Common Shadow Dandelion 1/9
  • Sheryl Renee Dobson, "Flags, Fences, & Faith" copyright 2022
  • Laure Dunne, Sunlight and shadows/Galapagos Islands
  • Diane Dutchick, Wildfire
  • Anne Eisner, Secrets of the Heart
  • Julie Francois, Francois
  • Francine Gintoff, Destiny
  • Scott Glaser, "We are tired of being beaten..." - John Lewis
  • Susan Goldberg, Bobcat Fire
  • Danuta Syp Gordon, "Our Future"
  • Geri Hahn, So What - Sew What
  • Eddie Hall, Dyed
  • Leonard Hellerman, Rock of Ages
  • Will Holub, Archipelago
  • Steve Imrich, SOMERVILLE 17
  • Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Lobby Disturbance
  • Anne Johann, Seashore II
  • Bill Junor, Hounds
  • Stanley A. Klaneski, Sun Fish Jam
  • Amy Labossiere, Gladwell's Reflection
  • Stephanie Lanter, Invocation
  • Robert Loebell, Wedding Dance
  • Diane Messinger, untitled
  • Robert Mullenix , fathom
  • Paul Murray, The Last Dance
  • Donna Namnoum, Gather
  • Tim Nighswander, Orange Lily #32
  • Mary Peng, Emerson's Dreams | Mindsummer Frenzy
  • Caleb Portfolio, The Retreat
  • Linda Post, Dance of the Pelicans
  • Jeanne Carol Potter, Reflected Clouds on Acadia Pond
  • Susan Prentice, Out of the Darkness
  • Linda Rahm, Repurpose #5
  • Margaret Roleke, Shells (Blue)
  • Deborah Sacks, Snow Walk
  • Michael Sacks, Rock of Ages Quarry
  • Peter Seltzer, My Other World 2
  • Phyllis Small, Banned
  • Debbie Smith, Jam Session vr.2
  • Katiana Smith, Jubilee
  • Greg St. John, He said he likes blue then he wanted to go to church
  • John C. Starinovich, Invasives
  • Maurine Sutter, Toward A Gray Day (diptych)
  • Len Swec, Barcelona balconies
  • Hui Tian, Musicians
  • Michael Toti, Kimono
  • June Webster, Stems and Petals
  • John Wheat, Mt. Holly Sunset
  • Peter Wiehl, AUTUMN SKY
  • Agnes Wyant, 4 - 17