Victor Tellez Bio

Victor Tellez has always been an artist. Raised by two Mexican immigrant parents, whom were learning and adjusting their languages on the fly, they quickly discovered that neither English nor Spanish had the words for the way the world felt to them and so turned to something more abstract. To Victor, life is all color and shape and movement, texture and repetition and so on. Victor would tell you they're "fluent in color" and learning to stumble through shape, texture, and movement, conversational in several other artistic languages. They grew up in New Britain, and Hard Hittin will always be home, even as they currently reside in West Hartford. 

Victor has known adversity from a young age, dealing with mental illness, abuse, and economic struggle before finishing high school, and often uses their art to analyze and heal from the experiences as well as to celebrate the beauty that often goes unseen in life. Whenever asked what the purpose of their art is, Victor tells peers that they attempt to capture an emotion or a moment in a way that connects people with empathy and understanding.