I Made This

Create Mini-Masterpieces at Home

Presented by Bonnie Rose Sullivan M.F.A, I Made This provides step-by-step art instructions that anyone can follow. Build and expand upon your foundational skills in a variety of media and subject matters.

Episode 1 - Apple Drawing

In this first episode, learn the basics of drawing an apple, including how to build three-dimensionality on paper and basic shading techniques.

Episode 2 - Recipe for a Sunrise Painting

Learn all the ingredients for making a sunrise paintings using materials found in any household.

Episode 2 - Process Highlight

Enjoy this brief process video and learn how to make paint from scratch using household materials.

Episode 3 - Coffee Cup Drawing

Take a look at the medium of charcoal, with everything from how to make your own charcoal, to how to render a realistic 3D object with it!

Episode 3 - Process Highlight

In this minisode we take a look at the process behind creating charcoal from scratch!

Episode 4 - Eco-Printing 

Explore the process of making original eco-prints using local flora.